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    Kobo was a light cruiser built in the early 1930s, with a standard displacement of 5,200 tons and a full load displacement of 7,200 tons, armed with seven single-tube and four-tube 140 mm naval guns. launch 610 mm twin barrel torpedoes. Includes two triple-barreled 25 mm cannons. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, it participated in almost all naval battles in the Pacific theater, and it was famous for its exploits, but it also suffered many losses. After suffering from weak anti-aircraft firepower, Kobo had to make improvements, removing three 140mm caliber naval guns and replacing three triple-barreled 25mm anti-aircraft guns, while also replacing four remaining 140mm caliber naval guns. again. Four dual-purpose 127mm naval guns were installed to enhance anti-aircraft firepower. After this improvement, the density of Kobo's anti-aircraft firepower has increased greatly... Of course it was useless. Last August, it encountered a crazy attack by the United States Navy Air Force. Ky in the Battle of Wright Bay and was paralyzed by two 500-pound bombs. He accidentally escaped the battlefield, staggered back to port, stayed in port for nearly four months, and could not make repairs in time. escort a transport fleet back to China, and remain in Taiwan alone, ready to use nearby Taiwan's limited oil resources to be used to accommodate the US troops that would land there Taiwan. However, the US military wisely bypassed Taiwan, which was heavily fortified by the Japanese army, and attacked Okinawa, and Koba's situation suddenly became extremely embarrassing. With its firepower, if it returns to Okinawa it will be 100% dead, but staying in Taiwan will be fine... In short, it's trouble.

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    It was as if a large grenade exploded twenty meters away, the floor shook violently, orange flames rushed along the walkway and continued ten meters away, whoever was licked would have bad luck. After receiving such a shot, the machine gun that had stubbornly hindered the team for nearly half an hour immediately fell silent, the commando swung a shot further, the rumble of thunder rang out again, and the fire dragon roared. In the burst of fire, two members of the team quickly rushed forward, jumping over the simple bunker and catching a glimpse of the bodies of the sailors clinging to this passageway that had been torn apart, the surface charred. Awful.

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    Sophie smiled: "That's what he said. After you disappeared, didn't he rush around the world looking for someone?"

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    Xue Ren tapped her fingers on the table: "Tieu Man and Sophie also ran there by accident. Tieu Man also joined the fight?"

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    Beloborodov said: "The squad's firepower is not a big problem. The scariest thing is their artillery unit! Their main artillery force is 122mm and 152mm artillery. The data can be compared with the data The data of the D-30 and D-1 Cannon are almost identical, it can be concluded that these two types of artillery have a great relationship with the Soviet Union, this is their division level artillery, their army level artillery is the artillery. 130mm towed gun and 203mm self-propelled gun. The 130mm towed gun weighed 7 or 8 tons, and its maximum firing range was an astonishing 27 km, even more than 30 km! a few meters above their heads. , released tens of thousands of small steel arrows, one shot could cover an area of tens of thousands of square meters, causing great casualties to them!"

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    When the bad news reached Washington, Roosevelt's thin face turned pale, his eyes flashed, and he roared: "Revenge! Revenge must be carried out! Order me that the United States army on the front The West refused to accept the surrender of Army Group C, and captured the soldiers of Army Group C. "Those captured were executed on the spot without trial! Damn Kesselring, I want you to pay for this! I definitely want you——"

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    Kesselring thought of this and immediately ordered the mobilization of two of the best crews, and ordered the engineers to pile up a large number of aircraft and vehicle wrecks in an open field. to serve as an enemy airfield. The mission of the two crews is to destroy the airport, and their opponents are anti-aircraft artillery units.

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    It is a wholesale market specializing in purchasing unsold goods from factories about to go bankrupt...

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    At the same time, three Type 99 twin-engine light bombers took off from Taiwan carrying bombs and arrived on the battlefield. This type of bomber operates very actively on the battlefield, designed and manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Company, the maximum flight speed can reach 480 km/h, the bomb load can be up to 400 km/h. kg, improved version can reach 500 kg. However, most of the improved models are concentrated in the Pacific theater, while Type A is still located in Taiwan. However, even the relatively outdated Type A, each equipped with four 100 kg aerial bombs, could cause fatal damage to this small fleet besieging Yi-403. At this time, the Yi-403 was emitting thick smoke, especially eye-catching at sea. The lead plane immediately discovered the target and lowered its flying altitude. Three damn submarine hunting planes appeared one after another within range. eyes of Japanese pilots. . The pilot of the lead plane used the onboard radio to report to headquarters: "We have detected a formation of Chinese submarine hunters, and they are surrounding our submarines." we!"

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    Xue Jianqiang put down the glass of water, thought for a moment, then organized his vocabulary: "That... Maybe you can't believe it, but the truth is like this, I'm not from this world."

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    For example, currently, 250 tons of gold, 20 tons of platinum and a lot of emeralds, antiques, calligraphy, and paintings are filled in the cargo hold of Il-403, with a total value of nearly 500 million USD. an astonishing amount of money. Luck, I fear that Japan will lose this war. The only thing Japan can do now is to transport as much booty as possible to China to prepare for the future!

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    Xue Jianqiang felt worried: "Yes, we still follow the high-end path. The price is not affordable for everyone, and the quantity of supply has nothing to do with the vegetable basket!"

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    Chen Jianfeng said weakly: "Don't be complacent, think of a way to wipe his ass. Trading nearly 300 tons of precious metals, if you want to achieve seamless trading, it's a dream. If it leaks, It will definitely cause diplomatic chaos!”

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Isn't there a 140mm mortar in the militia's arsenal? Anyway, if you keep that thing, you can only sell it as scrap metal. Why don't you give it to me!"

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    The German armored force held out for many days like a flood that swept through the two wings of the French army. It only took twelve hours to destroy the junction of the French and Allied troops in the two wings, isolating it almost completely. 300,000 troops from the French First Army. . Stuka and JU-88 bombers were dispatched to bomb the French army, which was panicking under heavy anti-aircraft fire. Bombs and missiles rained down, destroying a large number of vehicles and luggage of the French army. into a burning fire. To destroy some of the oil depots that the French army focused on defending, Kesselring once again used AR-234 bombers. The AR-234 bomber carrying a 500 kg precision guided bomb arrived at the battlefield following instructions from German reconnaissance. The French army responded with overwhelming anti-aircraft fire. The AR-234 penetrated the anti-aircraft fire. Are not. network at an alarming rate, bombs were dropped at a distance of eight or nine kilometers. Under the control of German pilots, the bomb rushed towards the oil depot, the detection radar was turned on, and the oil depot with the strongest radar signal became the target. Depot? If you don't find me, who will you find?

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    The first to be recruited was the 3rd Corps, the most urgent corps. After advancing less than ten kilometers along the valley, the tanks began to frequently hit mines. In the past ten days, the German army used 130mm rockets to lay a large number of anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines, and even converted 100 kg aerial bombs into mines to bury them. Failing to clarify the location of the minefield immediately caused great losses. The first to be commissioned was the "Dumbo" improved from the Sherman medium tank. Faced with the Germans' incredibly powerful 88mm anti-aircraft guns, all the US military could do was desperately add extra armor to the Sherman tank. Until then, German anti-tank guns were difficult to penetrate. There is no doubt that Dumbo did it. On the Belgian battlefield, the Tiger tank's 88mm gun found it difficult to penetrate its frontal armor, and Dumbo became the most difficult opponent of German armored personnel. But now, the ubiquitous anti-tank mines have become Dumbo's nightmare, only to hear a terrifying explosion, Dumbo's tracks were blown away, his body caught fire, and the giant steel monster paralyzed like this. Two of them were unlucky enough to come to my grandmother's house, and they ran over a 100 kg aerial bomb, there were two loud explosions, not to mention the railway tracks, even the two wheels on the road were blown away. The infantryman risked being shot by a sniper, climbed into the tank and opened the tunnel door, intending to rescue the tank soldiers trapped inside, when he discovered that the heads of the tank soldiers inside were all tilted to one side, blood flowing from the seven sides. hole, and they were all shocked to death.

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    Now that the entire North of China had been turned upside down, in northern Jiangsu, the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army joined forces to launch a fierce attack on the three Japanese army divisions concentrated in the Xuzhou area; surrounded and then launched an orderly attack; in Shanxi, hundreds of tanks rushed from the Linfen Basin and Datong Basin toward Taiyuan, and an armored force even rushed into the vicinity of Zhangjiakou, forcing Gangcun Ningci to leave Zhangjiakou by plane and returned to Bac Binh, this action was tantamount to proving that he had nothing to do with the situation in Son Tay, and that he was completely resigned to his fate, in the direction of Hebei, Bat Lo The army has also captured many districts, but they are still in the stage of accumulating troops. In addition to launching a major attack on Thach Mon, in case the Japanese army reinforces Son Tay through Thach Mon, the remaining time is to clean up the puppets. troops in an orderly manner, cutting off the Japanese army's flank. On the contrary, the situation in Hebei was the most stable. As for the Henan direction, troops of the 3rd, 13th and 106th divisions of the Japanese army and several brigades crossed the Yellow River Flood Area, attacked the Eighth Army across Heluo and tried to open north passage. but the Eighth Army resisted steadfastly and retreated steadily, its performance was completely different from the strength in other directions, and the Japanese attack went smoothly. However, anyone who knew Liu Shuai knew that he was digging a grave for the Japanese army, and the Japanese army of these divisions was attacking his own grave.

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    Xue Jianqiang hurriedly said: "I don't dare to be a teacher, our navy has just started, and the foundation is too poor, their training will cause you a lot of trouble!"