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    also know that money is important, but once such a thing is discovered, for example by a stubborn guy like Murakami Shinnosuke, whose only mind is imperialist jihad, I worry that I will be punished . This is why I was hesitant.” Hideki Nomura expressed his worries. In fact, he didn't really believe that Li Yixin in front of him could find a way to solve this problem, it was just that he hadn't eaten or slept well for a while. this time, and he still couldn't tell the other Japanese officers. Therefore, in front of Li Yixin, Nomura Hideki was finally able to confidently confess, and wanted to find a reason or excuse from Li Yixin that could help him make up his mind. Li Yixin laughed, and decided to use the stormy plan constructed by the super high school as a weapon to deal the final blow to Nomura Hideki. He hooked his hand to signal that Hideki Nomura had something important to tell him quietly. Sure enough, a confused Hideki Nomura suddenly tilted his head to listen to what Li Yixin said. Li Yixin looked around and saw that the surroundings were empty and no one was there, so he leaned into Nomura Hideki's ear and whispered: Nomura-kun, you don't know much about Murakami-kun. Let me tell you something. Please, keep it a secret and don't tell anyone else."

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